Digital Treatment Planning

      Dental implants have become the most ideal treatment option for the replacement of missing teeth. Whether it be the replacement of a single tooth, or the stabilization of complete dentures, dental implants are becoming the standard of care. In order to provide the most ideal treatment, digital technology has become an integral part of dental implant treatment planning and placement.     

      Our office has utilized cone beam CT scan (i-CAT) technology for years. This technology provides 3-D bone representation utilized during the virtual treatment planning process. Dr. Philibin has also utilized digital dental implant treatment planning and static intraoral guide appliances for over five years. These technologies provide the most ideal implant placement and optimum restorative results.

     With the incorporation of digital scanning, traditional “goopy mouth” impressions are no longer needed. This technology produces “virtual models” that are utilized with the i-CAT CT and digital implant planning software to even further perfect dental implant treatment planning and placement.    

     The most recent technology to be incorporated into our office is that of the X-Nav Dynamic Navigation Surgical System. This amazing system provides virtual digital implant treatment planning coupled with a computer screen interface, sophisticated camera system, and handpiece guidance to assist with dental implant placement.     

      Our office utilizes many digital planning software programs depending on the situation. Our office as recently as 2018, incorporated additive manufacturing technology (3-D printing) for the fabrication of dental models and surgical guides.