Anatotemp® Anatomic Dental Implant Healing Abutment System

     Utilizing digital dental implant treatment planning and surgical guidance provides optimal dental implant placement but optimum esthetics also depends on gingival “gum” tissue anatomy around the final restoration (crown).      

      It is exciting to know that Dr. Philibin is the inventor of the Anatotemp® Anatomic Dental Implant Healing Abutment System. This system addresses the creation of ideal emergence profile (gum tissue shape) around dental implants. The Anatotemp® System is utilized temporarily during the dental implant healing phase to create ideal tissue emergence profile.    

      The Anatotemp® anatomic healing abutment has become a staple in providing an off-the-shelf solution for creating ideal gingival emergence profile. We now introduce AnatotempSC®, the second generation Anatotemp® that is both an anatomic healing abutment and a digital impression body. The digital dental implant workflow has become even easier, saving four steps and one appointment by utilizing the AnatotempSC®. With the AnatotempSC® there is no need to remove the healing abutment and place an impression post or scan body. It does it all! AnatotempSC® works with many major dental implant systems.